Multi-faceted (e.g. Frontend Website, Authorized User Only modules, Admin Panel, and API) website in a single application
Modular design using CodeIgniter HMVC extension
Custom config files (sites.php, locale.php) for easy configuration of website behavior
Frontend with multiple themes (with free Bootswatch themes)


Admin Panel with AdminLTE v2 theme


Includes usage of many other 3rd party optional libraries via Composer, NPM or Yarn


API Site to handle RESTful endpoints


User authentication (optional) for secure area in Frontend Website (Sign Up, Login, Forgot Password, et al)


User authentication for Admin Panel (Login, Change Password, et al)


Preset layouts and templates


Preset asset pipeline (e.g. minify scripts, image optimization) via Gulp (reference from gulp-starter 2.0 branch)

Buildablox blox module/form builder to generate blox and CRUD form views with Bootstrap theme, form validation


Breadcrumb and Pagination handling
Multilingual support
Email config setup
CLI utility functions (e.g. cron job, database backup)
Guzzle client integrated as library (use instead of Curl)

Use gulp serve to instantly see updates to code